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Gain better visibility into your team's productivity by tracking employee work hours and managing time off requests.


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What can the bot do?

Simplify your HR processes with our timesheet and leave management bot

In/Out Timesheet

Track your team work hours effortlessly with real-time reporting

Birthday Reminders

Build a positive company culture with personalized birthday reminders

Leave Management

Manage team leave requests with an easier approval system

Jira Integration

Improve efficiency with automated reminders tailored to your team's workflow

Lunch Reminders

Stay healthy and productive with automated lunch break reminders

Client Satisfaction

Collect valuable client feedback and improve satisfaction with our forms.

Track Your Team's Work Hours

Effective time tracking is essential for managing a productive team. With real-time visibility into your team's work hours, you can manage their schedules better and adjust workloads as needed, resulting in a more efficient and productive workforce.

Simplify Team's Time Off Requests

Leave Management feature streamlines employee time off requests, maintain accurate leave balances, and reduce administrative burdens. Employees can easily request time off, while managers can quickly approve or deny requests, all from one centralized location.

Automate Jira Workflows

Our solution simplifies the process by sending automatic notifications to keep you on track. Stay organized and productive with our powerful Jira due date workflows reminder.


Choose a Plan That Works for Your Team

Start automating your processes. 14-day free trial, cancel anytime and get 100% refund, no questions asked.


Get started with our standard plan for attendance tracking on Slack.

$ 2.99 /User/Month
  • Leave Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Lunch Reminders


Upgrade to our premium plan for advanced attendance tracking features on Slack

$ 4.99 /User/Month
  • Jira Integration
  • Birthday Reminders
  • Client Satisfaction

Let us answer your questions!

Pookiy is an automated software program designed to simplify and streamline the process of tracking employee work hours and managing time off requests. It significantly reduce administrative work for HR department, while also providing greater visibility into employee work hours and time off requests.
Yes, you can integrate Pookiy with Jira. It sends automatic reminders of tasks in different Slack channels
First, you need to install Jira app on Slack workspace and connect your Jira board with the Slack channel. Once done, type "jira" command in Pookiy bot and authenticate.

Please submit your query on this link or book a call with our expert.

PookiDevs Technologies LLC provides a 14-day “no questions asked” refund for new Subscription Plan purchases.

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