Pookiy Bot for Slack

Boost your company culture with these Slack Bots

Welcome to the world of company culture!

Culture encompasses the behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes that define your company on a larger scale. But it's also the little things that can make a big difference, like celebrating birthdays, volunteering together, or engaging in friendly in-office competitions.

Now, imagine taking your good company culture and transforming it into something truly extraordinary. How? By leveraging the power of Slack!  This innovative platform offers a range of features and integrations that can help you enhance your culture while having a whole lot of fun.

In this article, we'll explore how Slack and its arsenal of tools, including remarkable bots, can elevate your organization's culture to new heights. 


Track and celebrate interoffice game scores with Leaderboard. Challenge your colleagues to games like ping pong or Mario Kart, and use the "/report" command to record the results. The "/leaderboard" shows everyone's ratings, fostering friendly competition and a sense of achievement. You can even use the "/who-next" feature to find your next challenger!


Donut brings team members closer by facilitating introductions between those who haven't interacted much. Strengthen trust and collaboration across your organization by allowing employees to build relationships and foster connections. It's particularly beneficial during the onboarding process, enabling new hires to meet and engage with their colleagues.


Measure team culture and employee engagement in real-time with Fortay. This app effortlessly collects anonymous feedback from your team, creating a culture of belonging and showing employees that their voices matter. Gain insights into their happiness and use the data to shape long-term strategies for optimal employee engagement.

Google+ Hangouts:

Connect and collaborate with colleagues using Google+ Hangouts. Start an instant messaging, voice call, or video call by simply inviting them with a provided link. This versatile tool enables seamless communication and fosters collaboration across teams, regardless of their physical locations.


Streamline attendance management with Pookiy Attendance Slack Bot. This bot automates time off requests, tracks holidays, vacations, and sick leaves. Employees can easily submit their requests, and managers can approve adjustments with a single click. Pookiy bot also provides helpful tips, such as notifications if a team member is scheduled to be out of the office.

Culture Amp:

Culture Amp provides a robust platform for gathering employee feedback and analytics, empowering you to unlock invaluable insights into your organization's culture. By leveraging data-driven decision-making, you can take targeted actions to enhance employee engagement, satisfaction, and overall workplace dynamics. With Culture Amp, you have the tools to create a culture that truly resonates with your employees, driving organizational success.


HeyTaco! injects an element of joy and appreciation into your team interactions, making recognition a delightful and engaging experience. Through the virtual "tacos," team members can acknowledge and celebrate each other's accomplishments and acts of kindness, fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere. By nurturing a culture of recognition and gratitude, HeyTaco! strengthens team bonds and cultivates an environment where everyone feels valued and motivated.


TINYpulse empowers you to connect with your employees regularly and gather their feedback, ensuring their voices are heard. By conducting surveys, you can gauge their happiness, satisfaction, and overall sentiment. This valuable feedback enables you to stay connected with your workforce, promote open communication, and identify areas for improvement, fostering a thriving work environment where everyone's well-being is prioritized.


Polly simplifies the process of gathering opinions and insights through interactive surveys within Slack, making it effortless for team members to provide their input. By encouraging participation and facilitating real-time feedback, Polly enhances team communication, collaboration, and decision-making. With Polly, you can build a culture of transparency, inclusivity, and shared ownership, driving your team's success.


Standuply revolutionizes daily stand-up meetings by automating the process and making it accessible for remote teams. Through asynchronous updates, team members can share their progress, challenges, and goals, regardless of their location or time zone. Standuply keeps everyone informed, aligned, and productive, fostering a connected and focused team that is dedicated to achieving their objectives.

Discover the immense potential of these incredible Slack bots, and witness how they can transform your company culture, boost employee engagement, and create a work environment where collaboration and success thrive!